Bellator Fighting Championship 29 (Review)

Written by: Travis “American Rebel” Carleton

Bjorn and the boys set up camp in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for the states first sanctioned mma show. Before today wisconsin’s mma shows where held in barn packed to the rafters with fans. The fighters even had to fight on mats made of corn and hay. Now that’s what I call die hard mma fighters and fans.

The prelim fights we saw Kyle Weickhardt kick the head off of Luis Ramirez in the first round. We also saw Sasa Perkic pick up an unanimous decision over his opponent Nick Dupees in a well fought back and forth battle. In the last prelim fight Jason Guida (yes clay’s big brother) stepped in to fight Justin Lemke. After Lemke’s original opponent David Oliva pulled out due to weight issues. Ironically Guida missed weight for this bout by 5 whole pounds.I don’t think they fought. Yet another blemish on the mma career of Jason Guida

The first fight on the main televised card pitted the brash Matt Majors against the very tough Brett Cooper (who is coming up from 170 to take this fight) Brett took advantage of his superior cardio to push the pace in the second round the pressure from Cooper proved to be too much for Majors. As Cooper finishes Matt via tko(punches) on the ground. The second fight was a semifinal hw tournament bout against Neil “the Golith” Grove and Alexey Oleinik. Grove’s power and killer insticted secured Neil the first round tko. The third fight was another hw semifinal fight against two undefeated fighters in Damian Grabowski and Cole Conrad. The fight went the distance with Conrad picking up the unanimous decision by using his superior wrestling to control the entire fight. So that leaves the powerful striker in Neil Grove and the experienced wrestler Cole Conrad in the hw tournament. The next fight Jameel massouh(was 2 pounds over the 140 catch weight the fighters agreed upon) faced off against the very tough Nick Mamalis. Both fighter came out ready to bang but near the end of the first round Mamalis shot in for the double leg take down. Massouh picked up the guillotine choke and picks up the victory all in the same swoop.

Watch the fights – Click here


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