GSP Hits Manila (Meets Pacquiao, Press Conference and Dance on Teen Show!)

Two legends meet: GSP visit Manny Pacquiao at the Gym.

George St. Pierre Guesting On Philipines’s Teen TV Show: Showtime

4:45 – GSP arrives
6:25 – dance with a lady boy
6:50 – Challenged by a sumo

Q&A at the Press Conference

“I’m a big fan of him and I think Manny Pacquiao is the best in the world,” St. Pierre, also known as “GSP,” says.

The current Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight champion says he also had a rags-to-riches story, just like his idol Pacquiao.

He says he learned martial arts as early as seven years old with the help of his father. Like any other kids, he also suffered from bullies in school.

“I could have turned out bad after being harassed everyday (by bullies), but martial arts is a venue where I put my aggressiveness,” St. Pierre says .

Before becoming an MMA superstar, GSP adds that like Pacquiao, he had to work several jobs to make ends meet.

St. Pierre also shares that if ever Pacquiao gets in the ring with flamboyant American boxer Floyd “Money” Mayweather, Pacquiao will prevail.

He says while Mayweather was rocked early on in his fight with fellow American “Sugar” Shane Mosley, Pacquiao is virtually “untouchable” in his recent fights.

“Mayweather doesn’t want to have that fight because he has a lot to lose. But I think they should do it for the fans,” he says.

Will he be willing to spar with Pacquiao given the chance?

“Everyone is good in what they do. MMA is much more complicated, but he (Pacquiao) is a boxer and no one in MMA can fight with him without getting knocked out,” St. Pierre says.

St. Pierre says he is also fan of Pacquiao’s trainer Freddie Roach, describing him as an amazing boxing coach. St. Pierre actually trained under Roach in Los Angeles for a time.

“Roach is amazing. I thought I knew boxing but I after I met him I realized I know nothing about boxing. He brought me back to school and if I follow what he says regarding boxing, there is no way I can lose a fight,” he says, noting that his boxing skills improved dramatically.

St. Pierre, who is in the country to promote the UFC and MMA, says he also plans to meet Roach soon.

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