UFC 119 Mir vs Cro Cop – One Final Shot At Glory

By Jeff Hawken

Mirko Cro Cop and Frank Mir are both former champions in the sport, big name fighters. Maybe even hall of famers. On Saturday night one man will take a big step towards regaining that coveted championship belt while the other will follow even further down the pecking order that is the heavyweight division, perhaps even moving to light heavyweight (Mir), or retirement (Cro Cop).
I seriously think picking the winner of this fight is like deciding whether to put ketchup on your steak! You could do it, but you’re probably better off not too.
Since I do put ketchup on my steak, I’ll attempt to pick a winner and I’ll give you my scientific breakdown of how it should be done.
One- Never pick with your heart. Who you WANT to win and who you THINK will win are two very different matters.
Two- Who’s hot and who’s not? Simple enough!?
Three- How many ways can fighter “A” finish the fight versus fighter “B’s” abilities to finish. Is fighter “A’s” biggest strength also fighter “B’s” biggest weakness?
Four- Old fashioned heart & desire. Look at the fighters past couple of fights and try to find “it”. A lot of the times you can see that one of the guys wants it more than the other.
So there you have it, on with the prediction.

I WANT Cro Cop to win. I would love to see another highlight reel head kick KO!
However, if I’m abiding by my own rules, I should go the other way.
Rule #2 favors Cro Cop. He’s coming off a win while Mir suffered a loss in his last bout.
Rule #3 in my opinion favors Mir. His striking isn’t that far behind Mirko’s, if at all and his ground game, should the fight hit the mat is superior to his opponents.
Finally Rule #4. The last time I remember seeing Cro Cop interested in a fight was 4 years ago in his last Pride fight versus Josh Barnett. That’s simply not good enough.

I would like to thank the students over at the University for helping me with this advanced and scientific study. WE have decided to go ahead and pick Frank Mir to win via submission in the second round.
Now to really put this study to the test, my coin flip application on my iPhone will make her prediction. Here it comes….and she has picked Cro Cop.
Guess we’ll really get to see just how accurate my study is!

Enjoy the fights everyone.

Mirko Cro Cop Highlight Video

Frank Mir Highlight Video

One Response to “UFC 119 Mir vs Cro Cop – One Final Shot At Glory”
  1. I’m not certain about the specifics of Mir’s contract, but I believe he ought to stick around in a gatekeeper role.! a lot like Gonzaga. He’s been within the UFC for a while and is popular.! so I don’t see him being cut.

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